What is IBISS ?

Nature has designed and optimized a huge number of separation and sensing processes, to ensure optimal conditions during cell growth and life by using proteins capable of separation (transport of compounds/solutes) across cell membranes and/or sensing (binding) compounds.

It is our vision to utilise these 100% sustainable separation and biosensing techniques, developed by Nature, in an industrial context. The platform will explore, and demonstrate the potential of these superior techniques for industrial scale biomimetic separation and sensor applications, with the commercial potential of creating a future global paradigm shift in the separation and sensing industry.

industrial membranes.jpg 

First key application is osmotic membrane extraction (OsE), which includes applications for:

drop.png Reclaiming of valuable resources from industrial waste water streams
drop.png Up-concentration of peptides
drop.png Production of liquid fertilizer from seawater.
drop.png Biorefinery optimisation for cost efficient product separation/recovery

Second key application is a generic, up-scalable drug screening (DrS) platform including:

drop.png Screening on hERG ion channels
drop.png Screening/sensing with G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs).

The two key application areas (OsE and DrS) originates from the same platform technology, yet shows huge potential market impacts in two distinct industrial markets. The markets are chosen as part of a strategy to distribute the commercial risk, in two strong research linked areas – this will additionally increase platform viability beyond the funding period.


Total Budget: 90.000.000 kr
Danish National Technology Foundation investment: 45.000.000 kr
Duration: 4 years
Platform title: IBISS: Industrial Biomimetic Separation and Sensing